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Highlights/ Strengths:
The founders of S&P Healthcare Solutions are physician consultants with nearly 40 years of clinical, administrative, academic and managerial experience. They are both graduates of the Goizueta Executive MBA program of Emory University. They have worked in some of the leading hospitals and healthcare organizations in the country, such as Harvard University, Massachusetts General Hospital, Brown University, the Veterans Administration and Emory University.

Scope & Breadth of Experience:
Dr. Ponkshe and Dr. Simon's expertise spans the entire spectrum of healthcare delivery ranging from Pediatrics through Geriatrics, Ambulatory Care through In-Patient based practice, and Primary Care through Sub-Specialty Medicine. Their areas of focus include: cost containment and revenue enhancement, process evaluation and improvement, systems implementation and analysis, alternatives to traditional healthcare delivery, quality and safety initiatives, throughput and workflow evaluation, billing and regulatory compliance, and organizational design.

Consultative Experience and Healthcare Expertise:
The founders have extensive consultative, strategic planning, and medical expertise experience in a wide range of areas. These include the pharmaceutical industry, major medical associations, medical related media, and healthcare delivery organizations. Examples include, Pharmacia and Upjohn, B. Braun Pharmaceuticals, the American Medical Association, CNN, NBC, Good Morning America, Web MD, major universities, leading hospitals and governmental agencies.

Publications and International Recognition in the Areas of:
  • Resource utilization
  • Optimization of access to care
  • Quality and safety
  • Throughput and operational efficiency
  • Relative value scales and productivity measures
  • New and emerging technology development and implementation
  • Training and education programs

Why choose us?
S&P Healthcare Solutions will provide highly professional, personalized, and comprehensive consultative services. Through a collaborative partnership with your organization, we will always bring added value directed at your specific needs.